Alpha Filter LLC

5, 30-richchya Peremohy Str.,
Cherkasy, Ukraine
Phone number:
+38 0472 38 24 38
Mobile number:
+38 093 331 98 43

Buy at retail in Ukraine is a spare parts marketplace with over 5,000 sellers and 790 million spare parts.

Here you can find both a new part, a used component, and a high-quality analogue without extra charges and intermediaries.

The service allows you to compare offers by cost, method and time of delivery, as well as by other personal criteria of buyers. Round-the-clock trading, a team of specialists and a professional catalog made trading in spare parts easy and safe.

On the online platform, more than half of the transactions are made between professionals, but even an ordinary car enthusiast can easily get rid of garage leftovers or purchase a suitable part.
The platform is systematically expanding, so now car services have the opportunity to advertise themselves to a huge Avtopro audience, which is more than 3 million users per month.

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